Unhealthy Behaviors That Can Lead to Divorce

Unhealthy Behaviors That Can Lead to Divorce

Divorce can happen for various reasons, but some unhealthy habits often lead to the dissolution of a marital bond. Our expert counselors in Richmond, VA, offer a few everyday unhealthy habits that can lead to divorce.

Drug use

An admission or denial of being a drug addict is irrelevant. Many relationship problems stem from one partner's drug use. It is painful and emotional to watch a loved one choose to do drugs and get high. You will likely ruin your relationship eventually if your partner asks you to stop and you refuse. People who love you often give you many chances and keep hope alive that your behavior will change. Your relationship might not end right away. Eventually, though, your partner is likely to end the relationship because drug use can kill you or cause extreme damage to your organs.

 Refusing to get the help you need

Many relationships fail because one partner refuses to accept the help required to address, accept, and treat their mental illness. Relationships can easily suffer when physical and mental illnesses are ignored. There are various forms of mental illness, and most of them are common and easily treatable. If you are suffering from psychotic disorders, OCD, eating disorders, mood or anxiety disorders, depression, or other types of mental illness. There is help available. Relationships often end up ruined when a partner ignores mental health problems.


Lying is another not so apparent lousy health habit that tends to ruin relationships. It is a bad idea to lie to your partner when you are in a relationship. Partnerships thrive on trust and honesty. If your partner catches you lying, especially If you're doing it repeatedly or it's about something significant, your relationship will not last. Keeping up with lies is stressful. Beyond causing arguments, distrust, and a potential breakup, keeping up with your lies can be emotionally taxing and add extra stress on top of relationship tensions. If you are being unfaithful and lying to your partner about where you are, the added stress can be a severe problem for your conscience.

Lack of intimacy

While going without sex is not necessarily a bad health habit, engaging in sexual activity with your partner can improve your health significantly. Studies show that regular sex improves self-esteem and can have immune system benefits. It also helps strengthen your relationship with your partner and relieve stress. Being physically intimate is an essential part of a romantic relationship. People have physical needs and desires, and if those needs fail to be met, tension can develop. When ignored for long periods, your romantic relationship may suffer. Consciously engaging in extra effort to keep your sex life healthy can improve your relationship and your health.

These are just a few of the unhealthy habits that can lead romantic relationships to failure. If you need help dealing with these unhealthy habits, or any other dangerous behaviors, contact counselors in Richmond, VA, today.

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