5 Common Tips to Relieve Your Anxiety

5 Common Tips to Relieve Your Anxiety

While many people believe that anxiety is a mental disorder, it can also manifest itself with physical symptoms as well. When someone is suffering from overwhelming or intrusive, anxious thoughts, they may have sweaty palms, fatigue, headaches, or heart palpitations. As counselors in Richmond, VA, we provide coping strategies to help people overcome their battle with anxiety in their daily lives. These are a few of the most common tips used to relieve anxiety.

Get Away from Your Screens

Do you feel overstimulated by work responsibilities? Is social media overwhelming you with jealousy or insecurity? When you are constantly connected to the rest of the world, you may feel like you have no time or space to decompress or process your own emotions. This can lead to stress over things that you truly do not need to be concerned with, so it might be time to take a break from the device and computer.

Take a Walk Outside

Take a break and walk outside. Go visit a local park and sit by the lake or ocean. When you immerse yourself in nature, you can enjoy all the fresh air and the benefits it offers. Nature can give you a fresh perspective, clear mind, and relaxing atmosphere to enjoy your life and remove all distractions. Without distractions, you can stay present in the moment, and this will help to reduce your anxiety.

Practice Grounding Exercises

Many people relieve their anxious, racing thoughts by taking a minute to slowly count to ten. By taking this time, you can ground yourself in the present moment. This will allow all your racing thoughts to disappear for the time being, and this can allow you a moment to slow down and gain perspective. Sometimes, all it takes is ten seconds.

Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine

Caffeine and alcohol can stimulate your brain, causing your anxiety and stress to become even worse than you expected. By putting you in overdrive or negatively affecting your decision-making skills, you put yourself in a vulnerable position. When you are feeling overwhelmed or anxious, take a break from the alcohol and caffeine so that you can focus on stress-relief techniques instead.

Learn to Recognize Your Triggers

Working with a counselor to learn and recognize your triggers can be an extremely beneficial way to overcome them. Learning your triggers is the first step to combating your anxiety and learning how to live a happy, balanced life without the added stress and racing thoughts. Counseling services in Winter Park can help you learn these triggers and identify ways to overcome them.

When you are battling anxiety, you may struggle with day-to-day activities, as these thoughts can inhibit your ability to function normally in any given situation. To overcome your anxiety, talk with our professional counselors in Richmond, VA to learn about your triggers.

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