Is Your Loved One Suffering from Depression?

Is Your Loved One Suffering from Depression?

Have you noticed that your friend or family member has been acting more withdrawn, isolated, or sad lately? When you recognize that these emotions persist over time, you may be wondering whether they are suffering from depression. Depression affects millions of people across the globe, and it can cause your loved ones to distance themselves from you and others. As counselors in Richmond, VA, we help many people combat the effects of their depression and learn how to cope through these challenging times. These are a few signs that your loved one may be battling depression.

Prolonged Sadness

When you notice that your friend or family member has been crying, feeling down, or just plain sad all the time, you may have your first sign of depression. Marked by a prolonged depressed state, depression may find a way into social situations, work, or even family life. These feelings of sadness, emptiness, or hopelessness should be expressed to avoid them becoming too overwhelming mentally.


Fatigue and tiredness are also signs that your loved one may be suffering from depression. When they struggle to get out of bed in the morning, or they would rather spend the entire afternoon sleeping, they may also be overwhelmed from everyday responsibilities. However, when this becomes a constant habit or you notice they have started to struggle each and every day, you may want to get them some help.

Emotions of Guilt or Lack of Self Worth

Many people that struggle with depression also have moments where they do not feel worthwhile. They may feel empty or lost. It is common for those with depression to have many doubts or lack self-confidence, as their emotions towards themselves are also negative. Your loved ones may feel guilty for saying no to social plans, but they still do not have the desire to go. This constant struggle can also cause anxieties or constant worrying.

Increased Irritability

When you believe your loved ones are suffering from depression, they may struggle to find anything that makes them happy. Over time, this can lead to angry outbursts or just overall irritability. If you notice they are always moody or easily become frustrated, you may want to seek assistance for them. A professional counselor can provide them with insight into their depression so they can learn coping strategies.

Suicidal Thoughts

Depression can also cause suicidal thoughts that can be recurring, painful, or intrusive. When your loves ones express suicidal thoughts, you need to seek medical assistance and talk to someone immediately. This can save their life. Encourage your family members and friends to speak openly about their emotions so that you can understand what they need to overcome these difficult emotions.

When you have a friend or family member that is struggling with depression, you will want to seek the help they need to overcome these challenges. By talking with our counselors in Richmond, VA, you can give them the support they need.

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