Psychotherapy: Putting in the Hard Work

Psychotherapy: Putting in the Hard Work

You've taken the initial step and bravely reached out to a professional counselor; you've established goals, taken measures to trust the process, and let yourself experience vulnerability in the therapeutic relationship. In these foremost steps toward personal growth, you've achieved a great deal, which should indeed be honored. For many who want change, these first few phases can be daunting. However, for those who are brave enough to accept these initial steps, favorable change is only around the corner. With this in mind, our counselors in Richmond, VA, discuss what comes next in the therapeutic development process.

Strap on your boots because it's time to explore and start the therapeutic work. As with any strenuous work, whether planting your garden, repairing a car, constructing a masterpiece, or just cleaning your house, the rewards are worth the effort. The same is valid in the therapeutic process, and although it demands a great deal of action, the work itself is pretty different from anything else. In accomplishing therapeutic work, patience is critical. Hence, although it may not be painless, you will discover your best self through your hard work and actions in the therapeutic approach.

Comparable to the time it takes for your garden to grow, you must be patient with yourself during this process. Change does not occur overnight; it can take weeks or even months for lasting change to commence. Instead of growing frustrated with the pace of change, you can focus on using learned skills, integrating insights, reflecting on your background, and genuinely working through this approach with patience. In addition, compassion for yourself in this process will permit patience and understanding and facilitate evolution through action. Similar to many things in therapy, this may not come quickly, but by comprehending the origin of your struggles, you can more empathetically empower the process.

We all have a history of favorable and adverse experiences; by comprehending how these experiences have influenced your life course, you can reasonably empathize with your present situation. Not only will empathy for yourself cultivate patience in the process, but it can also offer the chance to better learn from your experiences and integrate more useful thoughts and feelings connected to the problem.

With patience, compassion for self, and knowledge, you have already started to put in the therapeutic work. With this in mind, accomplishing the work also translates into actively participating in the process. This means being ready to share, express, practice, hear, and experience all that might arise when laboring through this approach. As thoughts appear, be willing to examine them or even question them. Likewise, as emotions arise, notice them, experience them and discuss your experience with the feeling. As you juggle the frequently abstract concepts in therapy, this work can direct us to be present with the associated ambiguities. Also, confusion is often essential to realizing something new, but as you sit with your perplexity, you can uncover a new and even better way to exist.

As you can see, working in a therapeutic relationship dramatically differs from other more labor-intensive actions. Instead, this kind of work is more of an inner, experiential, and relational approach. It demands patience, compassion, empathy for self, engaged participation, and a readiness to discuss and experience the process. Your therapist will work beside you, motivating you along the way. You've already established goals, started to embrace vulnerability, and now it's time to put in the labor required to get the prize you desire. You've applied the foundation, so let's get to work and uncover a finished product that will designate you to be the best you can be. Contact us today to plan a visit with one of our counselors in Richmond, VA. We are here to help!

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