Journal Prompts for Wellness and Counseling

Journal Prompts for Wellness and Counseling


Journaling is a great way to explore your thoughts and feelings. By writing down what you think and feel on paper, it can help you reflect on your experiences, process difficult emotions, and gain clarity. If you’re looking for journal prompts related to wellness and counseling in Richmond, VA, we have compiled some helpful prompts that can help guide your journaling process.



  • When I reflect on my current mental health state, I notice...
  • What do I need the most right now in order to heal?
  • What are some of the tools that I currently have available to me that can help me cope with stress?
  • How has living in Richmond shaped my mental health?
  • What would be a healthy coping strategy that could bring more balance into my life?
  • Which areas of my mental health do I want to work on first?
  • How has therapy or counseling helped me throughout this journey?
  • In what ways can I use mindfulness practices to become more aware of how I am feeling in the present moment?
  • Who are the people who support me during difficult times?
  • What does self-care look like for me?


Journaling is an excellent way to gain insight into yourself and develop self-awareness about your thoughts and feelings surrounding wellness and counseling in Richmond, VA. It’s important to remember that journaling should never replace professional care or advice from qualified professionals; rather, it should be used as an additional tool to supplement any existing treatment plan you may have been prescribed by your provider. We hope these journal prompts are helpful for you! Best wishes on your journey towards improved mental health!

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